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    英國Particle Technology的測試粉塵在使用,應用在汽車、航空航天、過濾和機械行業。

    The Test Dust production department within Particle Technology has considerable experience in manufacturing material to meet UK, EU, US, Japanese and ISO Standards. Test Dust can also be manufactured to simulate the range of Arizona Test Dusts and to meet specific requirements of the customer whatever the distribution and composition. Standard Test Dusts are available to create an environment from the desert to the city, from gas pipeline to aviation fuel, from railways to aircraft. This allows you as the customer to test your products in real life situations in order to achieve product superiority test your products in real life situations in order to achieve product superiority.

    英國Particle Technology有相當的經驗,能滿足英國,歐盟,美國,日本和標準。測試灰塵也以滿足亞利桑那粉塵,并滿足客戶的具體要求,無論顆粒分布和組成成分。標準測試粉塵模擬沙漠到城市,從天然氣管道到航空燃料,從鐵路到飛機。這以讓你作為客戶來測試你的產品在現實生活中的情況,以實現產品的優勢,測試你的產品在現實生活中的情況,以實現產品的優勢

    Within our plant facilities and laboratory we offer a range of equipment for the manipulation of powder, including: high speed pin mills, ball mills, continuous flow vibratory ball mill, planetary mill, air classifier and a multideck sieving machine. For the purpose of dissolution of solids and liquid mixing we also have helical screw blenders and high shear mixers. We can handle most materials in our versatile plant from diamond to carbon fibre.


    All materials are supplied with a Certificate of Conformance and a Material Safety Data Sheet.



    Miscellaneous materials can also be supplied such as Cotton linters, Iron chips, Aluminium chips, Carbon fibre rods and SOFTC-2A Oil Contaminant.

    Miscellaneous materials各種材料棉花纖維,鋼珠,鋁珠,碳纖維和SOFTC-2A油污染物。

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